Consider One Of These Additions To Your Coffee

Posted on: 27 June 2023

Your local coffee shop offers not only several different types of coffee but also the ability to add various ingredients to your hot beverage. While there's nothing wrong with buying a standard cup of black coffee, it can be fun to explore the complementary additions that are available to patrons. Often, you'll find these additions listed on a display board; if you're ordering in advance on an app, you can select one or more additions digitally. Here are three additions that you may wish to try in your next cup of coffee.


Medium-chain triglyceride oil, commonly known as MCT oil, is available at many coffee shops. Somewhat similar to coconut oil, this product might seem like an unusual addition to coffee — but is increasing in popularity. It offers several benefits, as it's considered a healthy fat. For example, it may help with fat burning and even provide you with a source of energy. Because it's a fat, it can help your cup of coffee to seem a lot more filling. This may help you to avoid unhealthy snacking later in the morning.


You might use cinnamon in various ways at home, including in your baking or by sprinkling a small amount of this spice on a bowl of cereal at breakfast. At some coffee shops, cinnamon is available as an addition to coffee. Cinnamon is packed with nutritional benefits, and adding it to your coffee is a good way to include it in your diet. This simple addition may help to reduce inflammation in your body and improve your heart health. It can also slightly alter the taste of this hot beverage, giving it a new flavor that you may find appealing.


Collagen is a popular product to add to breakfast smoothies, but you'll often see it available as an addition to your cup of coffee. This powdered product is generally flavorless, so it won't affect the taste of your beverage. It can offer a number of benefits that help to improve the nutritional value of your drink. Collagen is good for your hair and nails, and may also help to strengthen your joints. If you occasionally deal with stiff or sore knees, for example, it's possible that consuming collagen regularly may help to alleviate your symptoms. Look for these and other ingredients at your local coffee shop that can improve the health benefits of your cup of coffee.

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