Enjoy These Seafoods On Your Pizza

Posted on: 27 June 2022

When you think about consuming seafood, you might picture yourself at an oceanside eatery, digging into fresh fish or lobster while you smell the salt from the sea in the air. While this is a pleasant idea, you may also enjoy sampling different types of seafood closer to home. It's common to find a handful of seafood types available as toppings at your local pizza restaurant. This is especially true when you visit an establishment that has high-end pies and is known for its gourmet toppings. Here are some types of seafood that you may enjoy on your next pizza.


Anchovies are arguably the most common type of seafood that you'll find on pizza. These small fish are kept in brine, which gives them a salty flavor that many people enjoy. Although different pizza restaurants take different approaches to placing anchovies on a pie, you'll generally find that this type of seafood appears sparingly. For example, the kitchen staff may put just enough anchovies on the pizza so that you get one per slice. This is because these fish have a strong taste that you don't want to overpower the entire pizza.


Many seafood lovers enjoy eating clams on their own or in pasta, but this type of seafood is also a popular choice at high-end pizza establishments. You'll generally find clams on white pizzas rather than those that have tomato sauce. These pizzas will have minimal other ingredients so that the delicate taste of the clam meat comes through. For example, a popular combination that you may find is whole clams alongside some roasted garlic and a few different cheese types. Pizza establishments near the ocean, in particular, often have clam pizzas on their menus.


Shrimp is another type of seafood that you'll sometimes find as a pizza topping. This isn't a topping that you'll conventionally find at a standard pizza chain, but it's an option at many gourmet establishments. You'll find other toppings alongside the shrimp; garlic and onions are popular choices, given how well they pair with this shellfish. While you might sometimes see small, whole shrimp on pizza, it's more common for the shrimp to be diced into sizes that are more manageable. To find a pizza restaurant in your area, whether you're at home or on vacation, look online — and remember to browse its online menu to see what seafood toppings it has available.