Choose a Burger Restaurant That Offers Healthy Beef Patties

Posted on: 11 September 2020

It's easy to focus on factors such as price, toppings, and side dishes when you're evaluating different restaurants that specialize in burgers, but it's a good idea to do some research on the burgers themselves. Today, more and more burger restaurants are taking pride in offering healthy beef patties and make this information available on their websites. Give yourself some time to look at the nutritional information of the patties at some different establishments around you and find the restaurant that offers the healthiest beef. Here are some criteria that you'll want to focus on.

1. Grass Fed

You'll often hear the term "grass fed" when it comes to describing beef, and this is something that you want to hear. It means that the livestock used to produce the restaurant's beef ate grass, rather than grain. Traditionally, cows have always eaten grass, but some farmers have fed grains to their animals in order to have them put on weight faster. A cow that puts on more weight can be more valuable. However, a diet of grain can also make the cow fatter than when it solely eats grass, which means that your burger patty may be high in fat.

2. No Hormones or Antibiotics

You should also look for a burger restaurant that takes pride in using hormone- and antibiotic-free beef. Restaurants that use this type of beef are becoming increasingly common, and this can be an important health consideration for restaurant patrons. People seek to avoid protein sources that have received hormones and antibiotics for many different reasons; you may simply feel as though you only want to take specific hormones and antibiotics if your doctor prescribes them to you — rather than potentially getting trace amounts of these compounds in the food that you eat.

3. All Beef

Look for a restaurant that advertises that it uses 100 percent beef in its burger patties. Many fast food establishments and high-end restaurants alike often take this approach, but this isn't the case at every burger restaurant. Some restaurants use fillers — bread crumbs, soy, and other products — in their burgers because these ingredients are more affordable than beef. Patties that contain fillers may not have the consistency that you want, nor may they be as healthy as eating 100 percent beef. When you can find a restaurant that can deliver in each of these categories, you'll have a good place to visit for a burger.