5 Different Styles Of Pizza You May See In An Italian Restaurant

Posted on: 26 March 2020

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes served in Italian restaurants, but it is a dish that shows a lot of variety. Pizza in one restaurant can be quite different from pizza in another restaurant. Many times, you can more or less tell what the pizza will be like by the way the restaurant advertises it. For example, if they advertise New York-style pizza, you can expect pizza with a thin crust and simple sauce. To help you better know what to expect when you order pizza, here is a look at five of the most popular pizza styles.

Neapolitan Pizza

This is perhaps the most authentically Italian style of pizza as it was created in Naples, Italy. It has a thin, crunchy crust and simple toppings. Pizza Margherita is the most common form of Neapolitan pizza, and it comes topped with sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. These pizzas are often smaller and intended for one person.

Sicilian Pizza

This style of pizza hails from Sicily and is, in many ways, the opposite of Neapolitan pizza. It has a thicker, bread-like crust and plenty of sauce. The toppings get more adventurous. Sicilian pizza is often baked in a large, rectangular sheet pan and then sliced into squares before serving to a group.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

This is a truly unique style of pizza that you'll primarily see in and around Chicago, Illinois, but that is gaining some popularity elsewhere. The crust is similar to a pie crust, and it is essentially filled with several inches of cheese and other toppings. The sauce is layered on top of these other toppings.

New York

As mentioned above, New York style pizza is a style of pizza known for a thinner crust. It is a circular pizza cut into large triangles, which can be folded in half lengthwise and eaten. New York style pizza is traditionally topped with just marinara sauce and cheese, although you can find versions with other toppings.

California Pizza

This is a pizza style that is growing in popularity across the United States. Its uniqueness comes from its toppings. The crust is usually a basic, round pizza crust, but it is topped with anything from avocado and feta to mustard and pate. Many times, the toppings are healthier or more vegetable-based.

Now that you are more familiar with various pizza styles, head out and order a pie. They differ a bit, but they are all delicious.