Take Control Of Your Dinner And Drink Tab While Enjoying Time With A Client

Posted on: 13 January 2020

Don't put yourself in an awkward situation that involves meeting a client at a pricey restaurant and being responsible for paying their tab, which includes charges for several beverages and expensive food items. A simpler way to ease into an informal meeting is by agreeing upon a restaurant that holds a happy hour each week. Pair the lighthearted atmosphere with a bevy of appetizers and drink specials. 

A Pleasant Atmosphere Can Make A Big Impact

Just because you will be going to a restaurant that offers a happy hour, does not mean that you have to compromise quality. There are many restaurant types that offer drink and food specials and these may include family-themed establishments or classy eateries that cater to an older crowd. When you walk into a place that promotes a laidback atmosphere that is filled with laughter, you and your companion may instantly relax and feel right at home.

This may make a business meeting seem much less stringent than if you and your counterpart were to meet in a fancier place that lacks warmth. Since the two of you may appreciate the vibe of the restaurant, your business discussion may flow smoothly, and the two of you may decide to get the work-related stuff out of the way so that you both can focus on enjoying the food, beverages, and activities that are offered at the venue

Specials May Fluctuate

Find out what local restaurants are offering and mention the options to your client. Happy hour tends to be held at what you would typically associate with the end of a "business day," but sometimes, a happy hour can last for a couple of hours or longer. By knowing what types of drink specials or food is being offered at discounted prices, you can begin to plan how you will order.

Well drinks (inexpensive liquor varieties that are at a bartender's disposal) and beer that is on tap will likely be part of the happy hour's daily specials. Split a pitcher of a mixed cocktail or beer variety with your guest or recommend some drink varieties that are part of the happy hour. For the food portion of the event, choose from hot wings, fried fish, potatoes, or other items that are on the appetizer menu. Pace yourself during the meeting and refrain from overindulging in alcoholic beverages.

It is best to make a positive impact on your business acquaintance and things can go badly if you start drinking several drinks in a row. Allow your guest to order what they prefer and don't make any mention of them contributing to the bill. As long as you attempt to keep your personal order on the cheap side and offer to share pitchers of beverages, you likely won't be responsible for paying a high bill.

Look for restaurants that offer happy hour near you.