Tips To Hosting A Corporate Event At A Restaurant

Posted on: 26 August 2019

When planning a corporate event for your business, your top priority is probably to find the best venue to host everyone comfortably in. The right venue can make or break a corporate event, so take your time when deciding on one. 

One type of venue that may be perfect for your corporate event is a restaurant. When you're overwhelmed by choices, restaurant venues are easy to narrow down according to cuisine. After picking the type of food you'd like to serve during the gathering, you can then consider other aspects of the perfect space, such as size and amenities. 

A restaurant venue is ideal for any type of corporate event, including holiday parties, networking opportunities, seminars, team-building activities, product launches, and trade shows. Business dinners for co-workers, employees, new hire welcomes, and milestone celebrations, such as a 20th anniversary, also work well in a restaurant venue.

When you've decided on the best eatery for your event, reserve as far in advance as possible, especially during busy times of the year, such as the holiday season. Discuss any specific details you're wondering about with the restaurant staff as soon as possible after booking. 

Following are more tips for hosting a corporate event at a restaurant:

1. Decide on Size 

Your favorite Italian cafe may host special events, but it may not be large enough to host all of your guests. Smaller eateries are ideal for intimate gatherings, such as staff birthday parties, but for larger events, you'll require a substantial space, such as a roomy banquet hall.

Another aspect to consider is if you desire outdoor space. If so, go with a restaurant that offers ample patio space, or even a quaint courtyard where guests can mix and mingle as they eat and drink. Also, decide if you'd like to be able to rent the entire restaurant, or if a private even space has enough room.

2. Choose a Menu

When it comes to special event catering, many restaurants have a separate menu of offerings. You can choose to serve food buffet-style on long banquet tables, or on individual plates for a seated dinner.

Going with the buffet- or family-style option may save you money if the eatery offers a discount for this type of service. As another idea, you can choose to serve just small plates, appetizers, or desserts, along with a full beverage service, during the event. This will work especially well for mid-afternoon events in between lunch and dinner. 

For more information on corporate events venue options, consult a resource in your area.