Skip These Burger Toppings If You Expect To Eat Your Burger Later On

Posted on: 12 June 2019

Most people who visit handcrafted hamburger restaurants, place their order and are enjoying it just a few minutes later. However, depending on your schedule and your appetite, you might sometimes decide to eat your burger later on. Maybe you order two burgers with the plan of eating one now and one later. Or, perhaps you seek to avoid the lunchtime rush by buying your lunch late in the morning when the restaurant is quiet, and then eating in a bit. A cold hamburger can be delicious, but you'll want to be mindful of the toppings that you order. Some toppings aren't ideal if your burger will be sitting for a bit before you eat it, so skip these toppings if this is your plan.


Tomatoes are a popular burger topping because they add juiciness and a mild sweetness to each bite. If you're in the habit of getting tomatoes on your burger, you may want to adjust your order a little if you'll be eating the burger later on. Of all the burger toppings, tomatoes are arguably the juiciest. This can mean that when the burger sits, the juice from the tomato slices can soak into the bun and negatively affect the bun's texture. Without tomatoes, the bun will keep its original texture much longer.

Grilled Onions

Another common ingredient that you might want to skip if you're ordering a burger now but you'll be eating it later are grilled onions. While they're not as juicy as slices of tomato, grilled onions do contain moisture. If they sit next to the bun, they can noticeably make the bun a little soggy. If you really enjoy the sharp flavor of onions on your burger, opt for raw onions instead. They'll hold up a lot longer than their grilled counterparts.


Chili isn't a common burger topping, but if you're extra hungry or your local burger restaurant offers a burger topped with chili, you might be eager to order it. This will definitely be a problem if you're planning to wait for a while before you eat the burger, though. It can completely saturate your bun and make the burger difficult to eat, and cold chili isn't exactly appealing. By skipping these ingredients, you may be altering the taste of your burger a bit, but you'll also be making it much easier and more appealing to eat later in the day.