How To Get More Out Of Your Milkshake Machine

Posted on: 23 January 2019

When you run a restaurant or cafe, a milkshake machine is a welcome addition to your kitchen setup. While not as expensive as a new stove or fryer, milkshake machines are a bit of an investment. So how can you ensure you sell plenty of milkshakes and earn your money back on the investment? Here's a look.

1. Feature a milkshake of the day.

A good way to call attention to the milkshakes and ensure customers order more of them is to offer a milkshake of the day. This could be a unique creation that you come up with yourself or even a more generic flavor like strawberry. Sell it for 50 cents or a dollar less than the other milkshakes. Customers will try the milkshake of the day, find ones they love, and order them again when they return -- at full price.

2. Collaborate with a local ice cream company.

Customers love dishes made with local ingredients since it keeps money in the community. See if there is a local ice cream company that you can buy from and collaborate with. They may be willing to make specialty flavors of ice cream for you in exchange for the advertising you provide them with by selling their ice cream! Make sure you include their brand name and information on your menus so customers all know where the ice cream comes from.

3. Offer several shake "thicknesses."

Some people like a thick milkshake that they have to eat with a spoon. Others prefer a thinner concoction. You can satisfy almost everyone if you just offer three thicknesses and call them regular, thick, and extra thick. In a standard, 16-ounce milkshake, a regular shake needs about two scoops of ice cream, a thick shake needs three, and an extra-thick shake needs four. Experiment to find the right proportions of ice cream and milk based on your own glasses and scoop sizes.

4. Offer toppings.

Another way to set your milkshakes apart from the competition is to offer toppings. Whipped cream and cherries are go-to choices, of course. But you can also offer sprinkles, raspberries, chocolate chips, peanut butter cups, and even gummy bears. To make sure you retain your profits, offer one topping included -- but charge an extra 50 cents for additional toppings.

Follow the tips above, and it won't be long before you earn back all the money you spent on your milkshake machine -- and then some. 

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