Planning Your First Big Date? Your Restaurant Choice Matters

Posted on: 26 September 2017

When you are planning a big first date with a person that you really like and are excited to spend time with, you may find yourself feeling equal parts nervous and excited. One of the many elements of planning your first big date is choosing the right restaurant to set the tone and set the mood. The restaurant that you choose matters a lot when you are trying to plan the perfect date. Get to know what certain restaurants say to your date so you can make sure that you make the best possible choice for your big night.

A Fancy Four or Five-Star Restaurant

If you are trying to go all out on your date and are looking to really impress them, you might be thinking about keeping your restaurant choices to the fanciest places in the area. Four- and five-star restaurants have fancy menus, unique offerings, and often have a very romantic ambience. While this may seem like a no-brainer, sometimes choosing one of these restaurants can backfire when you are going on a first date.

Sometimes, the food offered at these restaurants is too fancy for people. Strange proteins like sea urchin or squab as well as unfamiliar seasonings and sauces can sometimes lead to an unsatisfactory meal and an awkward first date.

A Little Hole in the Wall

The opposite of a fancy five-star restaurant is a restaurant that can best be described as a hole in the wall. These are restaurants that are often locally owned (i.e. not chains) and are even relatively unknown to many residents of the city or area. They likely do not have much in terms of fancy ambience or frills but will often have food that is delicious and well-made.

When you take a date to a little hole in the wall, you may be trying to look cool and as if you know about the best unknown restaurants in town. This can be a highly effective date if you want to create a unique experience. It is important if you go down this route, though, that you let your date know that you are going to such a restaurant that has great food and is a little-known treasure. That way, they are not dressed up for a fancy dinner and end up struggling to adjust their expectations of the evening.

A Trendy and Tasty Burger Joint

The perfect combination of upscale and casual first date dining is to take your date to a trendy local burger joint. While burgers are not always considered fine dining, one of the best things about burgers is their versatility.

Most local burger joints offer their own unique take on the burger, whether that is a quinoa veggie burger or a Thai peanut burger or any other unusual and interesting options. Of course, those same burger joints will offer a plain cheeseburger for those customers with a less adventurous palate.

Choosing a burger joint can give you that cool vibe you would get from a hole in the wall along with the more high-class decor and ambience you would get from a fancy four- or five-star restaurant. You are also virtually guaranteed to have chosen a restaurant that has at least one menu item that your date will like, which can be difficult with the other options mentioned.

Selecting the right restaurant for your first big date can make all the difference between setting the tone for a great date or a mediocre or awkward one. Be sure that you make the right choice and you will be well on your way to getting that much sought after second date.