3 Memorable Ideas For A Christmas In July Picnic

Posted on: 24 May 2016

Waiting a whole year to celebrate Christmas can feel like forever. Instead of counting down the days until December, many people have decided to forego tradition and have a celebration known as "Christmas in July." The origins of this celebration come from all over the world, and it is typically celebrated throughout the whole month. If you want to celebrate Christmas in July with family and friends, then a great way to do this is with a picnic. The festivities can mix the nice summer weather with a number of great Christmas traditions. As you plan out a Christmas in July picnic, there are three different ways to create a memorable time for family and friends. Browse through each of these ideas and see how you can apply them to your Christmas picnic planning.

Christmas Ornament Yankee Swap

When receiving Christmas ornaments on December 25th, you typically have to wait a whole year before they can be fully displayed on the tree. A Christmas in July picnic is a great way to give out ornaments and have them ready for hanging when Christmas comes around. Instead of just giving out ornaments to everyone, you can create an organized Christmas ornament Yankee swap game. To play the game, each person brings a wrapped ornament gift. Each person is randomly assigned with a number and that number represents the order of selection. The first person selects an ornament and opens the gift. The following person selects another ornament and then opens it. They then have the option of keeping the ornament they opened or choosing the one that the first person opened. This process continues until each person has gone. Once complete, the first person gets the final choice of keeping the ornament they have or selecting any of the other ornaments.

Christmas Food Catering

Instead of making food, you can hire a catering company to provide you with a number of meals that represent classic holiday traditions. For example, instead of a baked ham or roasted turkey, you can hire a catering company to make sandwiches or wraps featuring these meats as the main ingredient. A baked potato bar is a great side option for the main entree meal.

A number of classic Christmas desserts can also be prepared and served as part of the celebration. Sugar cookies, baked pies, and fruit cake all bring themes of Christmas into your summer celebration. A variety of candy canes can also be purchased and placed on the dessert tables with all of the other options.

A catering company can also provide a number of drinks that are traditionally found around the holidays. Apple cider and hot chocolate are two options that represent Christmas and can supply fun drinks for the party. When hiring a catering company, you can also ask for plates and cups with Christmas colors like red and green. This will really help make the theme stand out and capture the essence of the holiday celebration.

Campfire Christmas Horror Stories

As day turns into Christmas in July nights, you can mix both holiday themes and summer traditions all into one. When hosting a campfire in your backyard, you can truly celebrate Christmas in July with holiday-themed horror stories. These tales are great to tell around a campfire and feature fun twists and turns. Different people at the picnic can take turns coming up with their own story, or you can print out a variety of stories to read and have ready. For example, the story Santa Claus vs. The Zombies is a fun and spooky tale that can be read around the camp fire. Take some time to search around online and find stories that apply to the various groups attending your Christmas in July picnic.

By planning ahead, you can have a great Christmas in July celebration that may become an annual tradition at your home.