Private Events, Birthday Party Venues, And What You Need To Ask Before You Plan

Posted on: 21 October 2019

Do you need a venue that provides space for private events? Before you book your next birthday party, take a look at the questions you need to ask the venue's staff.

When Do You Schedule Birthday Party Events?

Even though the venue may advertise party options, do they book events during all regular business hours? Ask the event staff or venue manager about specific scheduling needs. If you want to schedule a party during peak dining hours, they may not have the space to accommodate your needs.

How Far In Advance Do You Book Events?

Do you want to send save the date invites or evites immediately? If your party date is still weeks or more away, ask the venue's staff how far in advance they allow customers to book private dining spaces.

On the flip side of booking an event well in advance, if you're short on time you need a venue that has an immediate opening. Talk to the staff or manager about the possibility of a last-minute booking. The venue may have cancellations or maintain a cancellation list.

Do You Offer Party Planning Services?

If you need help planning your party, now is the time to ask the venue staff what they provide. Some venues offer a full-service planning option. This takes the pressure off you but still allows you to choose details such as menu selections, decorations, or seating arrangements.

Do You Schedule Back-to-Back Events?

A venue that has one private party room or space may schedule back-to-back events. This can leave you waiting until moments before your guests arrive to set up (if there's a party immediately before yours) or may force you to rush your guests out.

If you absolutely adore the venue, but they do book events close to one another, ask about the possibility of scheduling extra time as a buffer. This strategy allows you to take your time, set your own pace, and enjoy the day in a leisurely way.

What Type of Dining Options Do You Offer?

This is a key question if you have a specific menu or type of service in mind. Along with starters, main features, sides, and desserts (especially birthday cake or bakery items), ask the venue staff about whether they provide direct-to-the-guest service, family-style meals, or buffet options.

Birthday party events require more than just any venue. If private dining is your party choice, start the planning process with a few pointed questions. From booking to baked goods, and everything in between, the answers to these questions can help you to stage an affair to remember.